A Tragedy in Colorado

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By now, it is of no surprise to any of you that at an early morning showing of The Dark Knight Rises, a gunman opened fire, murdering 12 people and harming dozens more. A lot has been said about this tragedy, and I would like to add in my thoughts on the matter.

I’d like to preface what I am about to say with this; I am not an expert when it comes to any subject. I am not a criminal expert, I am not a parenting expert, I am not a psychological expert. I am a 22 year old man with thoughts that I felt compelled to share. These thoughts do not represent anyone but myself, and should not be taken with the seriousness that you might consider when you read some other stuff online.

Let me start by saying that what happened this morning in Aurora, Colorado was obviously a tragedy, carried out by a man who can only be described as crazed. There are multiple reports at the time of this post that James Holmes, the 24 year old who carried out the tragedy, has told police that he was “The Joker”, a fictional mad man from the Batman Universe. (It is important to note that this has not been confirmed by Aurora Police.)

12 people are dead because of this mad man, and that is horrible. However, violence is nothing new in our country. As of mid-June in Chicago, close to 230 people were killed, a number that is bound to be higher now, one month later. I suspect in the coming days we will start to learn quite a bit about the 12 people who were killed today in Colorado. We’ll get profiles about each and every one of them, no doubt. We’ll probably never hear any of that about the 230+ people who have been killed in Chicago. There are certainly a multitude of reasons for this. First of all, the people of Chicago were not all killed at once, in a massacre. Second of all, the people in Chicago that were killed were gang-bangers and thugs, most of them died due to gang violence. It’s no secret that our country puts their lives lower on the ladder than many other people. This DISGUSTS me. Each and every life that has been lost due to violence has immense value, whether that person is a gang member, or someone trying to enjoy a movie.

One of the first things I learned about this horrible event, is the fact that one of the injured was a 3 month old baby. Again, I do not get into any kind of debate about parenting, because God only knows that is a debate that someone who has no child will never win. But let me say as a semi avid moviegoer, and someone who recently came from a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, a 3 month old baby had absolutely no place at a midnight showing (or any showing) of this film. The film opens with a very loud scene that would wake most adults, let alone a baby who will undoubtedly cry, disturbing the entire theatre. Let me reiterate once again, this has NOTHING to do with the shooting, this is a matter of movie going decorum. Maybe this isn’t the best time to discuss this, but I feel the right to make this statement.

I do have more thoughts on the manner, but I do believe that I’ve said enough for now, and I truly hope that I have not offended anyone, that was never my hope behind it.


BREAKING: Anderson Cooper comes out as Gay

•July 2, 2012 • 1 Comment

Anderson Cooper, host of AC360 on CNN, as well as the daytime talk show, Anderson, came out today as a gay man, after must speculation into his personal life.

While many people have criticized Cooper for years for not coming out, when it seemed to be fairly common knowledge in the gay community that he was in fact a gay man, I have to congratulate Cooper on his decision to acknowledge his sexuality. He in no way owed the gay community anything in coming out, but his decision was brave, and he will, in doubt be an inspiration for many young men and women.


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Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, but here I am.

When I originally started this blog, it was for a class project and I had a lot of grand ideas for it, but it didn’t really work. The original point was to be a guide to young gay men and women as they went into the real world. Only problem with that? I wasn’t in the real world, so I didn’t have much idea of what I was talking about.

And now, here I am, a 22 year old graduate, getting into the real world, so why don’t you come along for the ride? There will be some changes coming to the site in the near future, most of all I plan on actually writing here from time to time!

Cool, so yeah, stick around and we’ll have a good time, I promise.

Incredibly Sad

•September 29, 2010 • 3 Comments

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but something has happened in the past month that just made me need to write something. In the past 3 weeks, at least 4 teenage boys have taken their own lives because of bullying and harassment related to them being gay .  These are just the ones that have made it on the news, there are sure to be many more who have not made it into the news.

These 4 boys never did anything wrong to anyone else, however, because of merciless teasing they are no long with us, and it is a damn shame.

UPDATED: I don’t know exactly how I missed it, but there was a fifth boy that I failed to mention last night. More details about him along with the others after the jump.

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The White House Statement

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“The President has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.”

(via The Advocate)

Prop 8 Victory

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Less than half an hour ago from the time that this is posted, a federal Judge in California struck down Proposition 8, ruling that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional.  This is a HUGE victory, not only for those residents of California, but for gay men and women around the country.  Hopefully this will be the first in many smart decisions to come.

For more info, check out Queerty’s story which has a lot of in depth analysis, as well as the 136 page document that includes the ruling.

I’ll also keep you updated with any new information that comes out, as I am sure there will be plenty, as I am sure this is not the end of Prop 8.